Himalayan salt natural brick 20x10x5 cm


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Brick from Himalayan rock salt for sauna and baths - enriched with natural ionizers, which effectively improve air quality, distributing negative ions. The exclusivity and uniqueness of these stone brickes - illuminated from the Himalayan salt wall and ionization therapy, which further enhances the positive effect of the sauna.

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Himalayan salt stone bricks negatively ionize the air
health, helps treat many ailments such as:

Bronchial asthma, lung and bronchial disease, hypertension, gastrointestinal tract ulcers, gastritis, thyroid disease, dermatitis, various allergies, nerve diseases help to overcome stress and fatigue.

While performing sauna procedures in such a sauna, benefits will double!

In addition, illuminated pink sauna bricks will look spectacular in your sauna and exotic. Do the pleasures of the sauna more beneficial to your health and well-being by purchasing special Himalayas rock salt bricks.

Made in Pakistan

Dimensions length - 20cm, height - 10cm, width - 5cm.


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