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    21,99 € 39,99 €

         An attractive design candlestick. Made of zinc and tin alloy, silver plated, coated with varnish that not darken. Its height reaches up to 32 cm, so it is ideal suitable for decorating a house, combining with other cutlery and accessories. That candles burn longer, a few hours before they are lit, leave in the refrigerator or put in water with salt...

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    13,99 € 19,99 €

    Onyx is a strong protective stone, providing stability and balance. Onyx concentrates enormous strength and energy. The uniqueness of the stone is durability. Gives power, majesty, sharpens the mind, helps guess your enemy's plans and maintains a healthy and strong psyche. Dimensions: diameter - 12.5 cm.

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    38,99 € 51,99 €

           An attractive design a set of glasses, for cognac, 6pcs. Made from crystal. Measurements: height – 107 mm,  capacity - 200 g. Made in Belarus

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    41,25 € 75,00 €

         Himalayan salt is made of high quality 100% natural salt,  mined in the mountains of the Himalayas. Negative ions emitted from the Himalayan salt candlesticks and lamps, irremovable for our health - reduces anxiety, stress, improves sleep quality and well-being. Negative ions of Himalayan rock salt clean the air of dust, pollen, mold, spores of...

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    25,00 € 44,65 €

    Su saiku vartojama druska ne tik skanina maistą, bet ir teigiamai veikia mūsų organizmą. Himalajų kristalinė akmens druska ypač vertinama dėl mineralų ir mikroelementų  gausos  ir švaros, mat jos nereikia valyti. Himalajų druska nuo mums įprastos druskos skiriasi visų pirma tuo, kad yra nerafinuota. Ji turi didelę energinę vertę, jos kristalai...

  • 1,50 € 2,99 €

         Išskirtinio dizaino suvenyras ,,Avinas". Pagamintas iš cinko ir alavo lydinio. Šis suvenyras yra geltono metalo spalvos. Kilmės šalis: Kinija

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    4,90 € 9,80 €

        Artificial flower peony made of sateen. Looks naturally as real that is difficult to seperate. Today, artificial flowers are back in fashion again, decorates the home of most people: helps to create a cozy home interior, great for bouquets compositions, wedding table decoration. Measurements: length of the flowers – 80 cm;diameter of the ring - 10...