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      Himalayan salt is made of high quality 100% natural salt,  mined in the mountains of the Himalayas. Negative ions emitted from the Himalayan salt candlesticks and lamps, irremovable for our health - reduces anxiety, stress, improves sleep quality and well-being. Negative ions of Himalayan rock salt clean the air of dust, pollen, mold, spores of plants, smoke.

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Our feelings, mood and ability to work depend heavily on the air we breathe. Too much positive ions, which causes use of 
the TV, computer, air conditioners and heaters, mobile phones and other electrical appliances, destroy the positive and 
negative ions in the air balance, and this affects the quality of air and adversely affects our health - leads to increased nervousness, 
accumulation of free radicals in the body, sleep disorders, apathy, lack of concentration and drowsiness. This problem can 
be solved using salt candlesticks, which emit negative ions. Modern Spa and wellness centers in its activities also often use 
Himalayan salt because it gives courage and zeal.

Country of origin: Pakistan.

What are the benefits of using Himalayan Salt Candlestick:

* Increases the amount of negative ions in the air
* Purifies the air (negative ions clean the air of dust, pollen, mold, vegetable spores, smoke)
* Their appearance helps to relax  
* Relieves the symptoms of asthma, sinusitis and allergies

Also known properties of this product:

* Made from high quality 100% natural salt, dig in the mountains of the Himalayas
* There is no other such salt, which could compete with the Himalayan salt in purity and color
* Salt crystals are cut manually, so you will not find 2 identical candlesticks. This method gives 
each candlestick a unique natural look and beauty
* This candlestick can be a unique and wonderful gift for a loved one

Weight: 2 - 3 kg.

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